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Automobile Accidents / Personal Injury 

​Have you been in an accident?  Are you concerned you will be charged? Do you need help?   We can help.   

Motor vehicle crashes can cause tremendous injuries, and unfortunately, death. These matters require an attorney who understands both the legal complexities and the scientific analysis necessary to understand the events causing the injury. 


As the past president of the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, the previous Control Officer for the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Motor Vehicle Fatality Rapid Response Team, and previously served as the co-chairman of the Blackstone Valley Major Crimes Task Force Unit Attorney Horn has the inside track on accident reconstruction.   Attorney Horn, a qualified collision reconstructionist, has 30 years hands-on experience investigating motor vehicle collisions and other accidents. They can get to the bottom on an incident through thorough and scientific analysis of the events. 

Attorney O'Loughlin a career police officer extends Attorney's Horn's capabilities with his unique set of credentials.   

As police officers they have responded to a myriad of automobile accidents each unique and distinct.   They have unparalleded skills in assessing and reconstructing an accident scene.  

Let their inside track become your inside track. 


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